Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Wednesday August 15, 2012 I called our adoption agency (Building Arizona Families) to tell them we are ready to start with the interstate adoption program. Things were already moving fast because THE NEXT DAY we had our first home study visit. We met with our case worker, Hydee. She checked our home, looked through all the rooms, and the yard making sure our house meets all the requirements of adoption. We sat down at the table and Hydee gave us the required paperwork and explained to us the steps and process of the interstate program. She then gave us the first lesson of our PS-MAPP training class because class had started on August 14. Taking the class is part of the requirements of the interstate program. It is a 10 week class that helps to prepare adoptive parents to adjust to the children that are in the program. The interstate adoption program is where the biological parents rights have been severed from children due to abuse, or neglect. The children in the program are placed in foster care homes and they wait there until an adoptive family has been found for them.

When we had our first home study visit we had to pay for the home study up front. So to help with costs we hosted an adoption benefit yard sale. We had friends, family and strangers donate items for our adoption. It was a blessing to have such great people help with our yard sale. The yard sale was a HUGE success. We were storing items for a few months getting ready for the big day. We waited for our annual community yard sale because they advertise in the paper and we knew we would get more people at our sale.  Friday October 5 was the first day of the sale and it was CRAZY. We started setting up at 5:30am and we could not even get all the stuff out of the garage because items were selling so fast. There were shoppers until about 2:30 that afternoon. Matt and I put all the left over items back in the garage for Saturday's yard sale. We set up early again on Saturday and ended the sale about 3:00 that afternoon. We were able to make back our home study and them some.

 October 16 2012 was our last day of PS-MAPP training class. It was an exciting day for us! We turned in all our adoption paperwork, and we paid for the actual adoption. One step closer.

Then October 31, 2012 we received a letter from Pinal County stating that they have received our paperwork, and fingerprints. It was exciting to get this paper because we officially have an adoption case number. Now we are waiting for our paperwork to be cleared through the court system.

This is an exciting time for our family. The kids are excited to get a new brother and Jess has even named him "Huggins." We are waiting for our Huggins to join our family- we know that it is in Heavenly Fathers hands. This adoption process has been very spiritual and rewarding so far. Matt and I have been carefully guided through our adoption process. It has been 2 years since we decided to adopt, but we did not know where we needed to adopt from. Through the power of prayer, fasting and having faith Matt and I know that the interstate program is where we need to be.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! You are amazing parents, and there's a lucky little boy out there that will get to have you forever. I can't wait for little nephew Huggins :). Love you guys.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy that things are moving forward for you guys. I'm excited to hear all the details as they happen. :)