Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Time Happenings

I had the itch to get my front porch a little more patriotic. I wanted to make a festive wreath so I started looking on pinterest. I found one that was made from a pool noodle and denim and I just happened to have all the supplies I needed to make it. It took no time at all and I am pleased with how it looks.

To make the wreath I cut about a foot of the length off the noodle. Then I packaged taped the ends together to make it secure. Then I wrapped the noodle in strips of denim. I just used old jeans that have not been worn in years. I hot glued the denim around the noodle as I was working.

Next, I rolled some red fabric to make rosettes and hot glued them onto white fabric. Add the rosettes to the wreath and HOT DANG you made yourself a wreath!

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