Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Girls Room

By request I am revealing the craigslist twin beds I got for my girls room. The actual head board and foot board were in great shape. The frame was also in great shape. But the tiny "box spring" that came with it was original from the 1970's was NASTY. (If you scroll through previous posts you can see the craigslist picture listing of it and see the "box spring" thing.) It was a yucky tweed that had been left outside and rained on. The fabric was stiff, and ripped like paper. The padding underneath the fabric was disgusting!!! So that was the first to go. I stripped the fabric and padding and replaced it with 3/4 inch plywood and covered it. These beds are actually bunk beds and stack on top of each other. But even with them stacked, I was taller so that gives you an idea how small they are. Here is the foot board while I was sanding it down. It took forever to prep these because of the scrolly things in the middle.

Here is the girls room today. I painted the beds "Teal Ice" from Behr. After I was done with the poly and assembled them I wished I did a more bold teal color. But that will have to wait for another day. I am wanting to go with a red and teal / aqua look in this room. I still need to get 2 white duvet covers to hide the pink blankets, and make some kind of ruffly bed skirt and add some frames on the wall (that is why I did not show the room yet because it is not DONE yet.) But I am happy with the progress so far. I especially like how the fabric banner turned out.

The white dresser was also a craigslist find. It fits perfectly in the space. I would like to paint the dresser as well and spray paint the handles. Maybe I will get the itch to finish this room.......someday.....

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  1. Oh My Heck! I love it!!! I think the color of the beds is great! A darker teal would be more bold, but I love it as is. Thanks for posting that! haha. I also really like the bunting across the window. So cute!