Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspire me please!

Hello to you! Summer has been kind of crazy around here. I have been busy doing projects, painting and baking. (Will show you my latest cakes soon) But for now I am working on my girls room. I found an old set of wooden bunk beds on craigslist- but I am going to put them as single twin beds. I have sanded down the head board and foot boards....and now.....I AM STUCK. So I googled "inspiration for girls room" and now my brain is flooded with ideas of what to do. I am really excited to shop around my house and use what I have to decorate their room. Here is the craigslist listing of the beds. I see some serious potential, don't you? Sanding those little lovelies was really time consuming because of the spindle things in the middle. Now, I have to (wait for the next paycheck) and buy some paint. SO EXCITED!!!
Here are my inspiration rooms. They are all so beautiful, charming and cute.....I will stop now, just adore......
Notice any similarities between the rooms? Pops of RED! Hopefully I can settle on paint colors and go to town on the beds.

I have been doing some baking experiments. I love the blog Bake at 350. That is one talented lady. She makes the art of royal icing look so beautiful and easy. So here is my first attempt at royal icing. I wish I would have done something simple like a circle.

I forget where I saw the homemade hostess cupcakes. But anyway, I tried them out and my husband really enjoyed them.

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  1. Ok So all of the little girl rooms you posted are absolutely adorable! I particularly LOVE the 3rd one! Looks like it'll turn out great no matter what though. Can't wait to see