Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Sunday was my Mom's b-day. We had an authentic homemade Italian dinner which was awesome!!! I was going to originally make a cake but then decided to do cupcakes instead because they are easier with the grand kids there. I realized that I did not have any candles so I made due with what I had. The kids loved the fake cande. (I know, the candle is all coming apart at the bottom. I did not have time for it to set all the way after I made it. So I shoved a toothpick in the middle and then put it in the cupcake.)

Good thing my mom had candles at her house : ) Look at this crazy bunch!!! I love my family. We were missing 7 grandchildren in the picture oh well.


  1. Cute stuff Ash! All the stuff you've been doing is awesome!