Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nativity Costumes

Yes this is several months late but I at least wanted to share. I was busy sewing on Dec 23 filling apron orders for Christmas and decided to make some easy nativity costumes for my family. Every Christmas Eve my family meets at my mom's house to eat a delicious meal and then the grandkids act out the nativity while it is being read from scripture. It is always so much fun to see my nieces and nephews excited to act out the nativity. Back to the costumes....I was looking through my fabrics and came across a pair of sheets that we NEVER use. These sheets have been in the linen closet for years and they seemed to just be a structural part of the closet. So I finally used these blue striped sheets for the fabric of the costumes. These are nothing spectacular but at least everyone had fun.

Pictured from left to right is: Joseph, 3 wise men, and the sheperd (please raise your hand)

Joseph and Mary.

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