Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am just so excited about my little darlings in their Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes that I JUST HAD TO SHOW YOU!!!! Like I said in a previous post, these were super easy and inexpensive to make. And the best part is that my kids LOVE wearing them.

I just went to Joanns and got 1.5 yards of brown felt in the bolt. The felt that comes in the bolt is like 6 feet wide so not much was required. Then I used my kids shirts for the pattern. I traced around the shirt (with seam allowances) and cut out the paper and used that for my pattern. I made the costume sleeveless and at least one foot longer than the shirt.

Then I sewed a seam on top of the shoulder- making sure not to sew the arm hole closed. Then I sewed a straight line down the sides, from the bottom of the arm hole to the bottom edge of the costume- and that is all the sewing required. Then turn the fabric inside-out and you are ready to assemble the face.

I bought several colors of felt sheets (which are .29 cents at Joanns) and I cut out the shapes of the eyes, nose, mouth and other details. Then I just used a hot glue gun at the hottest setting to attach the face to the body of the costume. You could even go as far to make the costume like a real Mr. Potato head by sewing Velcro to to the backs of the eyes, nose, and mouth. That would also be really cute. I decided that it was best not to do that cause I am sure my kids would be fighting like crazy over it and teasing each other.

So that is it. Very easy project and the kiddies love it. Enjoy!

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